Sunday, February 6, 2011

Im looking at getting a tablet

Has anybody been looking for tablets lately? I am a graduate student, and therefore, have lots of required reading.  The upside (if there is an upside) is that most of the books are every day books; not text books.  This means that most of them are available on Amazon in eBook form.  So, starting this semester, I have been  purchasing and reading the eBooks on my laptop (eBooks are 20-50% cheaper than the hard copy version).  One might ask, "Why don't you just buy the hard copy for more and then resell it?" Well, I don't like reading very much, I don't like walking to three different book stores to find the book, and I do not like finding out at the end of the semester that they (the book stores) don't want to buy the book back from me.  Some people don't like reading off a computer screen, but I actually prefer it to a regular book (nerd).  So, I'm going to get an eBook reader. Well, not really an eBook reader. I want an Android tablet that also works well for reading eBooks.  After doing some research, I determined that I wanted a tablet with a ten inch screen and at least a netbook resolution (1024x600).  This size allows for a full page of text that is easy to read.  And, as I said before, I am a college student, so it needs to be cheap. No iPad, or Moto Xoom, or Galaxy Tab for me. I have narrowed down my search to two different tablets; the Archos 101 and ViewSonic G-tablet. Both tablets have to be modified to install Kindle software, which I'm okay with. Most likely, I will get the G-tablet because it comes with real buttons verses the Archos's soft buttons.  As of today, I have purchased four eBooks and four hard copy books for my classes. I would like to demonstrate the difference. 

A ViewSonic G-tablet side on:

My four regular books:

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