Monday, February 7, 2011

I added Ads

For most of you, this is most likely your first time reading this blog.  I just turned on ads, which I hate on most other web sites, and in fact block with ad blocking software.  I have a degree in Business Administration with a minor in marketing. So, you could imagine that having the feature available and not turning it on to see what it would do was driving me nuts.  So, if you would like to block ads (not just the ones on this site).
Step One. Install and  Use Firefox, you can find that here
Step Two. Go to this web site or click here
Step Three. Click on the instillation tab at the top of the site
Step Four. Click on install ad block plus which should be in the middle of the screen.
Step Five. Follow the install instruction

This Add-on is very easy to install and works very well.  I would love to hear from people if these instructions made sense and weather they think the current ads are too much.

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