Monday, February 7, 2011

I love Firefox


I love Firefox, so much.  If I meet someone who uses Internet Explorer, I make it a point of informing them that there are other web browsers out there, many of which are faster and more secure.  I made my mother switch to Firefox from an AOL browser (by not reinstalling the AOL browser when I reloaded her computer).  And now the greatest thing ever in the history of gadgets is upon us: we have Firefox on Android (it has also been on some Nokia platforms for some time).  Now, I can take my fanboy love with me wherever I go. The Mozilla software is clearly not as polished as the desktop version of Firefox, but we need to give it some more time.  EVERYONE WITH AN ANDROID PHONE GO GET FIREFOX MOBILE.  You may find it's still not up to the speed of the regular browser, but it already works pretty darn well.  I, personally, have a Droid X, which is a pretty fast phone so you may have different results. But for me, it's only a small delay in web site load times. 
Now when I get into an argument with an iPhone user about phone features (nerd), they have to come back to "I've got Firefox with flash on my phone, what kind of browser do you use?" My phone's browser supports more web standards, more add-ons, is more popular, and looks better than yours. It's okay iPhone users, I am sure Apple knows what you want and don't want (like flash).

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