Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cool Web site of the Month

Every month I plan on showing off one of the web sites I found most interesting. I actually spend far too much time everyday reading blogs on many different topics.   Most of my favorites will be tech sites, but they can be any kind of site.  This month's site is This is a fairly well known site, which is why I chose it first. Most of the blog posts are about up and coming tech news and gadgets.  I have been reading this site regularly for about a year now and the content is good and original.  Typically, they post two to three articles per day. They do have a forum, but I have never gone to it. The quality of writing is very good, but is full of speculation, which is what you would expect from a web site named "semi accurate." The writing style is very technical, which is interesting for people that follow the industry, but may not seem interesting to the every day Joe.   For anyone that is interested in a nice tech site with interesting articles, I would recommend this site to you. 

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