Thursday, February 10, 2011

My favorite mobile app February

I have an iPod Touch which I bought a few years back. I actually per-ordered it from Apple when it was first announced.  One thing that took what seemed like forever to come to iPhone and iPod Touch was the app store. If you remember the first generation iPhone and iPod Touch did not have an app store until the iPhone 3G (second generation) was released a year later.  When the app store started heating up, one of the many apps I really liked was called Pandora. The Pandora app lets you listen music stations that you set up on the computer. You can select the station and the songs streamed to your device.  Allow me explain how Pandora works today because it has changed a bit since the first apps started showing up. You can either go to the Pandora web site or install the app on you mobile device. First you need to sign up which is easy, then you punch in a band, song, album, or genre and start listening. You can have as wide a selection of music as you wish by adding bands or albums to existing "stations". Or you can have multiple stations for each mood.  After you make a station it starts playing the band or album selected, then it moves on to other bands that have similar sounds. If you like the band you can thumbs up, to hear more of their music.  Also if you dislike them the can thumbs them down which will keep Pandora from playing them for a while.  I listened to Pandora when I could on my iPod Touch, but because I was limited to WiFi only, I never saw the full potential of the product.  Over the summer I got a Droid X which requires a data plan. Of course the first app installed was Pandora for Android.  When one has a service like Pandora, having a music library becomes less important. My phone has 24 GB of space of which only 300 megabytes are currently used for music.  I actually do have decent sized music collection which I have been collecting since high school. I almost never fire up the playlist anymore because Pandora is so great. If you are interested in trying out the service click here, or download the app from the Android market/app store.

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