Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life In The "i" World

So what is the "i" world. Well, ever since the so popular iPod, MP3 players and even phones have competed so much as to give users the capability of media at the control of the user's hands. The iPod phenomenon has led to a growing number of "i" devices making consumers feel as if they were in control of the media they use on their devices. The iHome, a company solely reliant on the so popular iPod, has marketed their product as a number one must have application and accessory to every user's iPod. Products such as alarm clocks sync with the iHome application on the iPod to provide users the convenience of a personalized alarm clock with many features not available by its competitors. Are these phenomenons really necessary for today's generations or is it time that we allow ourselves to feel as if we can control the daily actions of our lives? We should always control our lives, but when is it time to say no to these personal "i" devices when it gets in the way of our daily activities and responsibilities. I, as an iPod Touch user, understand the capabilities that the iPod has in which I control the media I enjoy as well as use the iPod as a tool for my life's successes. Have I lost touch in the growth of my generation's connections with technology or has my generation lost control in itself while technology breaks through the barriers of responsibility and control? Come to follow this post are the advantages and disadvantages of the iPod and I will take a look as to what the future may look forward to as we advance into an age of total technology user control.

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