Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cool phone of the month Feb.

LG Optimus 2X

I, personally, love to shop for smart phones like women love to shop for clothing.  Every time a new phone comes out, I spend a few minutes checking out the specs, pics,and reviews wishing for that phone. Then, I realize it's on AT&T, and laugh a little inside that those people have a great phone with no coverage.  Most of the cool phones these days are made with a mobile operating system in mind.  The most popular cell phone OS's are BlackBerry, Android, MeeGo (more in Europe than in the US),  iOS, and windows Phone 7.  This month's top phone is the LG Optimus 2X. The 2X at the end means it has dual core processor (oh fancy), which makes it one of the first phones to support that feature.  The phone can be purchased on the web unlocked (which means it can be used by a variety of carriers), if your willing to spend a pretty penny for a pretty phone. While doing some research, it was unclear which carrier was going to put the phone on contract.  Most likely, it will be T-mobile or AT&T.   The phone comes equipped with the now standard 480 by 800 screen resolution. Most phones use this size screen. In conclusion, this is a cool phone right now. It is the first of its kind, but there will be other phones with similar features next month.   If I was up for a new phone today, and I had lots of money to blow, this would be the phone I would reach for.  

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