Thursday, February 3, 2011

My first music player

Back in 2003, I was starting to "collect" a lot of mp3's.  I decided I needed a portable music player.  I went out on the internet and had a look at the options that were available.  After some searching, I found a device called an iPod from Apple Computers. Some of my more "well off" friends were starting to talk about these devices. One problem I had was that I did not know what Firewire was, so I moved on.  Now, at the time, iPod could also use usb, but I did not want to deal with it.  So I purchased a Dell DJ, and loved every second of using it.  I finally wore out the buttons about 3 years later.  Then, I got an iPod.  The Dell was MUCH better than my iPod.  With the Dell, you could: make a play list, rename songs, delete songs, make recordings, and name those recordings.  The Dell did not chain you to a computer, which meant you could grab your friends songs.  The whole time I had my Dell, I just assumed that all other players allowed for these features.  Boy, was I wrong.  The Dell used Windows Media player to sync, but could also use windows explorer. Imagine that, you didn't have to use proprietary software to use your mp3 player. Here is the list of mp3 players I have had over the years:

Dell DJ Jukebox 20GB     2003-2006       Second Best
iPod 80 GB                       2006-2007      Did not like
iPod touch 16GB               2007-2010      Okay device
Droid X 24GB                   2010-present   Best device

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