Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A generations first gadget

My first gadget when growing up was a Gameboy. And not the Color, or Advanced, or SP or DS, but the classic Gameboy.  These Gameboys hit the shelves in the middle of '89.  I, personally, got one for my birthday when I was in the second grade.  That's about 1996, give or take a year. I had the black version. Everyone remembers the classic gray shell, but mid-way through their life cycle, they started making different colors.  I remember a friend of mine had a yellow one, someone else had green.  For a young boy, the best gift that could have been given was a Gameboy. Currently, my gameboy is locked away in some forgotten corner of the house. Last time I had it on was when I was still in high school.  If I were a betting man (which I am), I would say it still runs just fine.  When the Gameboy Colors came out, I got one of those, and then eventually replaced it with my Gameboy Advanced.  But the original hardware still ran fine.
I did not have a lot of games, and sadly, I never beat some of them.  The very first game I got was Star Wars: Return of the Jedi for Gameboy.  To this day, I have never beaten the game.  Over the next two or three years, I got a few more games.  Starting in the forth or fifth grade, I got Pokemon Blue, which was the BEST MOBILE GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED. I also have Pokemon Red and Yellow, which make up the set.  All three carts are in a zip lock bag waiting for someone to play them. Another great game was Zelda DX, which was really a color game, but also ran on the original Gameboy. I played through about 70 percent of the game and lost the cartridge. After finding it while cleaning up (most likely my mother's idea) two years later, I played through the rest. I did not have a book to help me out, so (not counting the time it was lost) it took me about 4 months to beat it. The Gameboy was a great starting point for our mobile gadgets, even though non of us still play the device, many of us have emulators on our cellphones that let us play those amazing old school games.  If anyone has stories about their Gameboy(s), I would love to hear them. Post it in the comments. 

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