Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Allow me to explain myself

Hello allow me to introduce myself, My name is Patrick, I am a 23 year old man of average looks and build. Currently I'm a graduate student at Ball State University in Muncie Indiana. I am in the first of four semesters it will take me to pick up a masters degree in Information and Communication Sciences.   Currently I hold a degree in Business Administration from the same school. My motivation for starting this blog are two fold, the first of which is I am required to do so (I feel that's a good reason) the second is, I am obsessed with technology. I like all sorts of technology but mostly hardware, but I do not like to program stuff. Obviously "hardware" is far too wide a subject to write a blog on, so I intend to keep the topics focused on gadgets.  When I think of a gadget I think of a cell phone or a netbook or some other portable device.  My blog is called Gadgets of Today and Yesterday because I intend on talking about devices that changed the way the world did business. Questions like "pagers how did they work and why were they so important to society?" will be asked and answered (hopefully). I believe today's gadgets will be more interesting to people readings this blog, so I will also write about that subject.    Also it has been suggested that I talk about what old gadgets we have hidden away in our closets.  It is my intent to post every few days, but being that I am taking 12 hours of grad classes this may become difficult.


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