Friday, February 18, 2011

Just got a tablet: First Thoughts

Kindle running on a ViewSonic G-Tablet
I just purchased an Android tablet! I have not played with it too much yet, maybe a couple hours.  I purchased a ViewSonic G-tablet,which came with a dual core processor and Android 2.2 (aka 'Froyo').  The interface that came with the device was lacking. ViewSonic must have thought "Hey let's take a proven mobile platform and cripple it with our own software interface." I reloaded another version of Android onto the tablet, which was very easy. It came with great instructions and took less than 20 minutes start to finish, including downloading the software.  I put VEGan-TAB on the tablet, but there are several other versions floating around the internet.  My primary reason for buying this thing is that I am trying to purchase EBooks every chance I get. I intend to write a proper post about EBooks and E readers soon. The tablet runs the same Android version as my phone, so it was easy to learn the device controls. The development group that made VEGan-TAB is hard at work making an Android 2.3 (aka 'Gingerbread') version for the tablet.  Having never picked up an Android tablet, (I did handle an iPad once) it felt a little heavy.  But, it has twice the power of an iPad for 100 bucks less.  Unlike the iPad, it came with both a Standard USB port and a micro SD card port.  Give me a week and I'll have a full review of the device. 

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