Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Beloved Gameboy Color

When I was in junior high, the cool thing to have was a Gameboy Color. I got one for Christmas, but of course, I had to share it with my little sister (who doesn't like to share).  A while later, my parents were forced to buy another Gameboy Color for my sister, so that war would not break out in the back seat of the car.  She then proceeded to take all the best games. This pair of Gameboys traveled the world as it journeyed from New Albany, IN, USA to Germany, Austria, Canada, Florida, Bahamas, and countless other car trips.  I played this thing so much that my grades suffered in school (that's a lot of video games because you don't get a lot of homework in junior high). Tell me, audience, did you ever carry a battery charger on vacation when you were young, just so you could play Gameboy?  As with my Gameboy original, I never got a lot of games, so got really good at the ones I had. I played a lot of Pokemon on my color even though they were not color games (Red and Blue). I had all the Pokemon characters in all three versions, by sharing them back and forth between two Gameboys. These Gameboys could display all sorts of colors, but a dirty little secret was it could only display 56 colors at any one time. So, you may think that a game is really pretty, but each  individual screen was not very colorful.  One thing I remember thinking was that my Gameboy had a "butt." The plastic container had a slight rise where the batteries were held.  If anyone has stories about their Gameboy, please comment about it. 

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