Sunday, February 27, 2011


Netflix is neither a gadget, nor an application for a gadget (kinda).  For those people that live under rocks, here is a quick explanation. Netflix has two business units. The first is what they started doing when they were founded, which was renting DVDs via mail. Customers sign up online and make a list of movies that are then mailed to the customer.  The second part of their business  is streaming movies and TV shows to computers, TVs, and now, mobile devices.  In most cases, the wireless network carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint) do not have the speed needed to stream video over their network.  But if you have an iPhone, or Windows phone, you can stream Netflix over WiFi.  Netflix is hard at work to increase the number of shows and movies on their streaming service. My family has an account with Netflix and I would recommend the service to anybody with a broadband connection. The movie and show selection has greatly improved since we became customers (back in '08), and hopefully will continue to improve. 

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  1. I have been thinking lately about if/when Blockbuster will go under because of the serious competition from Netflix. I subscribed to Netflix for about 3 months, however due to my infrequent movie watching, I decided it was a better deal to rent from Blockbuster since I only periodically rent movies. What are your thoughts on this Patrick? Will Blockbuster find a way to stay relevant or will its members continue to remain faithful despite the convenience of Netflix and ITunes selling/renting movies?

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