Saturday, February 26, 2011

Different versoins of android

Sorry for not posting in a while--busy week!

Most of the people reading this blog know what Android is. For those who do not, it's an open source operating system for cell phones, media players, and tablets. In one of my past posts, I listed a couple different versions of the OS. Some people were confused by the different names given to each version. This is my attempt to clean up some of the confusion. First things first. Google, the maker of Android, gives a "code name" to each version of the operating system. They are as follows:

Android 1.0 and 1.1                       No code name
Android 1.5                                   Cupcake
Android 1.6                                   Doughnut
Android 2 and 2.1                         Eclair
Android 2.2                                  Froyo
Android 2.3                                  Gingerbread
Android for Tablets 3                   Honeycomb
Android for Tablets 3.x                Ice cream sandwich

Most cell phones are currently running 2.1, 2.2, or 2.3. Gingerbread did not release too terribly long ago, so it is still being rolled out to many cell phones. Tablets, which is an emerging market, unfortunately, still run mostly on 2.2 (Froyo). It works fine, but Froyo is designed for cell phone sized screens. Many makers and home brew Android fans are hard at work porting Honeycomb to their devices.          

I intend to have a full review of the tablet I purchased very soon.

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