Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pictures of ViewSonic G-tablet

Google has been sending people to my site who are looking for information on the ViewSonic G-tablet. So I took a few pictures of the device, to better describe the device to people who are looking at purchasing one. The picture below are from some of the most used applications and games. Starting from the top going down we have: A wide screen view of the New York Times, Quake 3 for android, Kindle on Android main menu, Launcher Pro running on 2.2 Froyo, a full screen You-Tube video, a full screen image, A Kindle eBook, New York times running in Firefox, a level of Angry Birds, my app drawer, the Android market, and the load screen for Angry Birds. If anyone is interested in other applications, let me know. I can download them and report back how well they work on the tablet.


  1. I purchased a used G Tablet from an individual who rooted it with Clockworkmod and installed TnT Lite 4.4. I would like to be able to download photographs directly from my camera (Sony Alpha 550) via the USB cable. The Viewsonic does not recognize the camera when I plug is it like the Windows computer and Ipad do. I have installed a 8 Gig Micro SD for more storage. Please give me some guidance on how to download my photographs, do I need a special App? or do I need to modify settings?

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Although I do not have a stand alone digital camera, I was able to plug in my camera phone via USB into the tablet and see the files on it. I used Astro File Manager. I suggest you download this app--it is available on the app market and on the internet. When the camera is plugged into the device, it will show up under USB drive in the root directory. Once you see your pictures, you should be able to copy them onto the tablet's SD card.

  3. That was exactly the type of information I needed. It works well, although "Extremely" slow processing speed. But working non the less. Thank You.